“Technology Today Is The Area Where The Most Progress Has Been Made”

treatment fernandez

20:33 • September 27. 2022

she’s from New York, and Studied two degrees at the University of Buffalo, one in mathematics and the other in Spanish literature, Upon graduation, he came to Spain for a year’s experience in a Spanish-speaking country, and his plans changed when he fell in love with the country. She has now been in Spain for eight years, most of it as an English teacher. But in the end he wanted to “get back to what I’m passionate about,” he says, “redirect my way to science…and the last time I enrolled in a computer engineering degree at the University of Almeria …”.

And why UAL?

A good friend highly recommended this university’s computer science school to me. The truth is that I’m so glad to be back in science, and I really enjoyed my first year of classes. Although many professors have commented on the extreme ratio of female to male students in the curriculum, honestly, I was not surprised by the number of girls in my classes. The experience was more extreme in my math classes at the University of Buffalo, as I was the only female student. It’s great to see more girls joining science colleges, And besides, having expert women teachers in their fields is really inspiring.

And how did it go?

The first year programming and computer structure classes were very interesting and challenging. I really want to start with new stuff, intelligent systems and computer architecture classes have already piqued my interest. I love the organization of the race.
Students get an opportunity to learn about different branches of computer science in the first two years. And then we will have a good idea of ​​which branch (or combination of branches) we would like to specialize in during the third and fourth year…

How do you see this world of technology and computing from the inside now?

Before starting my degree, I had a limited understanding of what is involved in computer science, but after only one year of study, I’ve already learned an incredible amount of things where it applies. You We are constantly reminded how much this world grows, Technology is the field that moves the fastest, and it gives us the opportunity to continue learning even after finishing the degree.

Undoubted. This is a world with great challenges…

Yes. This first week of classes we have already discussed something in our Intelligent Systems class. The ethics behind artificial intelligence is a curious topic, We’ve all seen those movies about technology rebelling against humanity. What level of ethics must be applied to our future technology to prevent the Terminator from becoming a reality? Do you think computers will eventually be smarter than humans? It’s a bit scary thought, but It’s exciting to see how everything will develop Knowing that I can be a part of those future developments.

And how do you see the future?

I enjoy learning about different areas of computer science, and I still can’t decide which branch I want to specialize in. each option is very interesting, At the end of this academic year I will have a better idea of ​​whether I want to learn more about software engineering, information systems, information technology, or a combination of them… the future is a blank canvas. Many people worry that technology will replace humans in some jobs, but I think the technologies of the future will actually create new jobs., We will need more computer scientists and engineers to continue developing our world…