Gaming Monitor Market Facing First Ever Downturn Say Market Analysts

The gaming monitor market is staring down the double barrels of its first downturn. Shipment volumes are expected to slide to 20.5 million units for 2022 – a 10% decline year-on-year, according to IT industry market research outfit TrendForce. The report highlights several key culprits, like rising inflation and interest rates affecting consumer electronics markets in general, plus the delay in high-end graphics card refreshes leading to postponed gaming monitor upgrades.

gaming monitor segment

(Image credit: TrendForce)

TrendForce produced the above chart to illustrate the strong growth of gaming monitors since it initiated coverage in 2019.  You can see the strong growth from 2019, 2020, through 2021 has been interrupted by this first downturn (estimated figures for 2022, as the year isn’t over yet). However, according to the analysts, the 10%+ downturn projected for the year won’t mortally wound the segment. In 2023, gaming monitors are expected to become a growth segment again for several reasons.